Lord of the Flies

Did you ever see a body builder that had a huge upper body but their legs were skinny? There is a reason for that beyond the obvious. Though contributing factors include not working those muscles (as much or not at all), the main reason is because their body is eating itself to satisfy the need to build the other muscles. Sounds a little strange, but true.

When we workout, our muscles fill with red blood cells, amino acids, water, oxygen and waste (lactic acid). We can guess where the oxygen comes from. Water is a little trickier. A bottle . . . → Read More: Lord of the Flies

super buoyant hydrodynamic shower cap

I’ve had a swimming cap since I started swimming in April but just used it for the first time (and every time since) last week. I thought it was supposed to protect your hair, like a shower cap, but a shower cap that wouldn’t fall off easily. It does that job well and hasn’t fallen off and my hair no longer feels straw like after swimming.

But wait there’s more.  Not only does it protect my hair, it also makes me more hydrodynamic. Supposedly it I shaved my head bald, not only would I look funny, but I’d be . . . → Read More: super buoyant hydrodynamic shower cap

keeping tradition

My unmotivated week turned in a quality triaTHlon THursday. Today was the first day in the water in a week. My 1/2 mile took a little longer than usual (probably because it was so refreshing I didn’t want it to end (I should have done that last)). My 3 mile jog made up some of the ‘lost’ time in the water (as if the time really matters). I got back to the car and was so happy I had my towel from swimming. The sweat pouring off of me made me feel like I just got out of the . . . → Read More: keeping tradition

How Come?

How come I wasn’t motivated this morning to wake up and get to the pool? How come I skipped it all together? How come my legs hurt when I took my very short slow ride today? How come I’m not always a ball of energy?

I’m not a robot. I have up days and down days just like every other person on the planet. I’d like to be superman, but I’m far from being him.

How come I don’t try harder? How come I just accept things the way they are sometimes? How come I dream big, but stop . . . → Read More: How Come?

17 Hours. 17 Hours? 17 Hours!

If I were to attempt the Ironman tomorrow, I’m pretty confident it would take me 17 hours to complete it. My swim should take me about 2 hours, my bike should take about 7 hours and the marathon should take about 7 hours, the last hour should comprise of the transition time between events.

If I were to attempt the Ironman tomorrow, I’m pretty confident it would take me 17 hours to complete it? I can’t even imagine swimming for two solid hours, can you? I’ve been on a bike for five hours, but would it really take me two more . . . → Read More: 17 Hours. 17 Hours? 17 Hours!

dominos delivers

stomach upset at 2 am. I guess I’ve been eating pretty good lately and went a little crazy last night and ordered pizza from Dominos. It was quick, cheap, tasty, and satisfied my laziness. It was so tasty in fact that I ate a whole pizza. I think I opened the box a number of times afterwards too, hoping to find another piece. I’ve been known to pound the pizza in the past, but have been satisfied with the alternatives recently.

Everything was fine, I finished watching the last of three episodes of Modern Family on the computer and . . . → Read More: dominos delivers

I need more teeth

Besides what 90% of the people in West Virginia say, my bike sprockets too, need more teeth. I recently increased the front sprockets from 50 tooth to 52 tooth and had a HUGE jump in my riding speed average. Two weeks ago, it took me five hours to go 71 miles. Yesterday the same distance took 4 hours and 10 minutes and the total distance of 80 miles took 15 minutes less than 5 hours. I am getting more fit and comfortable on the bike, but in a two week span the only thing that could explain the amazingly . . . → Read More: I need more teeth

Where are we?

If you are inside today…….GO OUTSIDE! Take a walk at lunch, leave work early, or just play hookey. This morning was the nicest triaTHlon THursday ever. Today I switched up and did the events in the correct order: swim, bike, run. I wanted to know the feeling of having ridden a bike for 40 minutes and hop off and run for 25 minutes. Of course I didn’t pace myself on the bike and just pedaled like a madman. My new sprocket size (52 teeth) allows me to go a bit faster and my average for the 12 miles has . . . → Read More: Where are we?

running shoes

When did sneakers become running shoes? Is it more sporty to have such a name tag? I jog more than run, but couldn’t find any jogging shoes, so I had to settle for running shoes (sneakers for those who don’t run, jog or even shuffle).  My running shoe of choice is Air Jordan (do they even make them anymore?) actually it’s Asics and I found a pair at DSW. A few discounts later and I strutted out of the store showing off my new sneaks, er I mean running shoes.

A few years ago, when I discovered a running . . . → Read More: running shoes