I spent Saturday and Sunday on the couch, which was a little upsetting because of how nice it was this weekend. In my attempt to start my running training, I ran last Wednesday. I wasn’t going to go very far, or very fast (even if there were ghost runners out there) so I decided not to wear either my ankle and knee braces. Big mistake….. I felt fine Wednesday night and most of Thursday, but by Friday a spot about two inches above my left ankle was really tender.

Fawn says it’s where my tendon attaches to my bone….. That’s cool, . . . → Read More: Ouch

The lesson is at the end

I’ve heard that the lesson to be learned to anything is at the end. Hmm. The end of what exactly? The end of the day, the week, the event, the story….? Is the lesson a stand alone lesson, or is it contingent upon previous lessons? Would I take the same thing away as someone else or does that only happen when when we are told exactly what we should learn, like in a fable? We’re all sort of living in our own fable. We tell each other stories about how we overcame this or that. How we applied a . . . → Read More: The lesson is at the end