Holiday Weekend Warrior

In anticipation of either over eating, over drinking or under sleeping like most long holiday weekends, I wanted to get my long bike ride in early so I went Friday morning. I had my usual brown rice on Thursday night before bed. Only this time I combined tuna, balsamic vinegar, cumin, cinnamon, and red pepper. Holy cow that was good! I had to stop myself from eating the next morning’s portion too. I went to bed semi early and wanted to get out the door be 6 am to ride.

As 5 am rolled around, I got out of . . . → Read More: Holiday Weekend Warrior

Spacely Sprockets

Last night I got two bigger chain rings on my front sprocket! Aren’t you as excited as me? Probably not, but let me explain why I am. My new shiny bike came with 18 gears (2 gears in the front and 9 gears in the back). The smaller front gear had 34 teeth and the larger front gear had 50 teeth. If you’re climbing hills, for instance, you want fewer number of teeth on the front gear to make it easier to make one rotation with your pedals. To go faster, you want more teeth on the front gear . . . → Read More: Spacely Sprockets

Put your best foot forward

My left hip snaps, knee crackles and ankle pops with every step. I may have figured out why. If I’m standing and attempt to walk forward, I mostly always push off my right leg. I think my right leg is stronger because of that. I can’t see a difference, nor can I feel a difference. Neither leg is visually shorter than the other, nor do I only play hop scotch with just my right leg, but there is a reason I have an issue with my left leg. So that made me think. Maybe I’m not really putting my best . . . → Read More: Put your best foot forward

Eastern PA Kentucky Bluegrass Juice

I cut the lawn last night…. with scissors, put the clipping onto a plate and into the juicer. After all, I’ve been juicing wheat grass, what’s the diff? The juice came out just as green, but surprisingly it really didn’t have a taste. I have no idea how much chlorophyll, vitamins, or minerals EPAKBJ (as I like to call it) has in it. I’ve read about the amazing benefits of chlorophyll and want those benefits.

Sixteen hours later, I have no ill effects. I feel really good today, but that could be just because I feel really good, not because . . . → Read More: Eastern PA Kentucky Bluegrass Juice

4:45 am wake up call

I mean 4:53. No I mean 5:02. Actually what I meant was 5:11. OK, you got me it was 5:20. Damn snooze button. It’s just too easy to hit. When I eventually do get up, I love Tuesday mornings. It’s the first time back in the pool since the previous Thursday.  I’ve been having a tough time swimming more than one length of the 25 meter pool without taking a brake. I’ve been practicing breathing and relaxing, but no matter how fast or slow I go, I need that break. Today I had motivation not to break too long though. There were . . . → Read More: 4:45 am wake up call

I now have an insanity defense

if the need for one should ever arise. Today’s workout took me 5 hours and 2 minutes. From 10:15 am to 3:17 pm, my legs didn’t stop pedaling except when I stopped at home for a minute to get more water.

My usual brown rice (1/2 cup) and sweet potato (1 potato) breakfast was enough fuel for the first two hours.I brought my home brew energy drink mixed with oj and acai berry that lasted for another two hours. The problem was I ran out of fuel when I was still 12 miles away from home. So the last hour was . . . → Read More: I now have an insanity defense

Workout like it’s your last time ever

The pending doom tonight at 6 pm makes me think about how I’m approaching my workouts from this point on. I want to make each workout count and not be dissatisfied with my efforts. It’s going to be tough to be constantly up and ready to give my all, but anything less is doing myself a disservice. There will come a day, where I won’t be able to do it anymore, so I’m going to workout today to make up for that day. Every night, I want to pass out from exhaustion knowing my body gave me everything it . . . → Read More: Workout like it’s your last time ever

Sit without moving your legs

triaTHlon Thursday night found me wanting to get on my bike and ride for a while. I didn’t though. The reason I didn’t is because I don’t want to over train. My body needs to break down, recuperate, then rebuild. Even though I haven’t over exerted myself so far in this endeavor, my body is still learning how to deal with these new requirements I’m giving it. This time last year (pretty much any time in my life), I didn’t get up early to swim, bike or run, so this foreign routine takes a bit of time to get . . . → Read More: Sit without moving your legs

It’s triaTHlon Thursday!

Once a week on a particular day I do the equivalent of a sprint distance triathlon (1/2 mile swim, 3 mile run and 12 mile bike ride). I had every intention of trying to do today’s version quicker than I ever have before, but I wasn’t paying attention to what I had with me before I left the house today, nor did I pay attention to how long it took me to swim. Either way, I felt good today. I concentrated on form over speed.

It’s funny the games we play in our minds. For the run today, I didn’t . . . → Read More: It’s triaTHlon Thursday!

Every second counts

Today my fastest time across the 25 meter pool was 18 seconds! That’s 5 seconds faster than I’ve ever done before! I know I could not maintain that speed for longer than that one lap, but it was a great feeling knowing I was could do it once.  My swimming workouts consist mostly of trying to be comfortable in the water, breathing exercises and trying to imprint a muscle memory on where to put my hands during each part of the stroke.

Before March 2011, I had basically zero skills when it came to the front crawl (I thought it was . . . → Read More: Every second counts