On the road again….

OHHHH, now I understand the joke about why Willie Nelson got hit by a car. Today was my first day back running. I went an incredible 2.5 miles and didn’t stop once. The first day back is always exciting (considering it’s my first official day back running ever). The surprisingly mild northeastern day in January was a bonus. I really can’t wait to get into full swing and get on the road again….everyday.

Swim with the fishes

Today was my first day back in training mode. I got up before the alarm and headed to the pool. Leading up to this morning, I hadn’t done one bit of physical activity for two months. I know that doesn’t sound too hard to do (the non-exercising part), but in two months you can lose a lot. I keep telling people that I have an advantage this year because I don’t have to learn how to swim and I already have a bike. So the two months of what was lost, I’ll make up from experience (or so I . . . → Read More: Swim with the fishes

If you don’t cry…

go find another website about Ironman…..

When I finished the race, I was toast. I went back to the hotel and passed out. Now anytime I ever go to an Ironman event I WILL stay till midnight. This video is from Arizona 2011. I wish I stayed. It really is the best Ironman finish ever….

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It’s happening again!

It’s two full months after Ironman Arizona 2011. My alarm is set for 4:45 am Monday morning. Starting tomorrow, training begins.

I’m starting this year over 200 lbs, a weight which I haven’t been in years. I felt really good going into the 2011 race at 185lbs and lost over ten pounds the day of the race. I felt as if I ran out of steam at the end. You can see a huge difference in the way I look from the beginning of the day to the end. My thought for this year, was to race at about . . . → Read More: It’s happening again!