I’ve recently become obsessed (once again) with the Ironman Championships in Kona Hawaii.  It’s usually televised in December every year, but within the wonderful world of YouTube.com it plays daily on my computer. The full episodes from 2006- 2011 are on there. Just like an 80′s movie that I can quote word for word as it plays, so goes with the full 6 hours that I watch constantly.

I’m happy that the episodes are available because it gets my mind focused on doing it again come November. I don’t think it’s probable that I can do it fast enough to . . . → Read More: Obsession

Didn’t he play for the Red Sox?

With spring training starting today and the weather being as nice as it’s been, the desire to be outside as much as possible is as high as I remember it being. The change in seasons always makes me want to change something (not just my clothes).  As the darkness of winter fades and the days start earlier, I have a renewed sense unlimited possibilities. Seriously, anything is possible. My new training schedule is set, and my belief that I can and will accomplish it is (at this moment) unshatterable. It’s almost as if I’m starting my own spring training with . . . → Read More: Didn’t he play for the Red Sox?

Yea, keep telling yourself that Tom

For some time now, I can’t say for how long, ( it doesn’t really matter though) I’ve been talking to myself. I’m a pretty quiet person usually and know I talk (out loud) way less than most people I ever met. Communication with other people is important, for sure. It’s how we learn about this crazy world. We also learn from books, videos, experiences, stories, what we see, hear, feel and countless other things. We give meaning to all the ‘things’ we encounter, and sometimes give undue meanings to things we shouldn’t.  I’ve heard at any given moment there . . . → Read More: Yea, keep telling yourself that Tom

Manana no more

Last week I took off from swimming and running because I didn’t feel well. This week, I felt much better, but still didn’t practice anything. I didn’t even do it in my head. The manana syndrome set in hard this week. I can always do it tomorrow, right? The problem with falling into this line of thinking is, you run out of tomorrows pretty quickly when you have a deadline. I have to remind myself that my deadline is not November 18, 2012, but way before that. OK, my new deadline is October 7, 2012. I want to be . . . → Read More: Manana no more

Under Pressure

I went to bed last night with my heart in my ears (or so it felt). The pressure in my sinuses kept any thought of sleep off the table (and bed). I tried concentrating on my breathing, but that didn’t last too long. After hours of tossing and turning, the alarm at 4:43am wasn’t a wake up call, but a reminder of how many hours I’d been up already. Unfortunately I wasn’t visited by three ghosts, nor did my brain have me do anything productive.

Was I supposed to have a night like that? Was I supposed to be . . . → Read More: Under Pressure