Manana no more

Last week I took off from swimming and running because I didn’t feel well. This week, I felt much better, but still didn’t practice anything. I didn’t even do it in my head. The manana syndrome set in hard this week. I can always do it tomorrow, right? The problem with falling into this line of thinking is, you run out of tomorrows pretty quickly when you have a deadline. I have to remind myself that my deadline is not November 18, 2012, but way before that. OK, my new deadline is October 7, 2012. I want to be able to complete the required distances that Sunday in October, which is only 8 months away! Holy crap, when did a whole year become so short?

Before I sleep tonight, I’ll have my training schedule done. Once it’s written, I’ll have no choice but to follow it, them’s the rules. Then as each new today presents itself, I won’t have the choice to do it the next day (because there are no tomorrows, just like Apollo told Rocky (Apollo: Greek god, boxer, philosopher. Rocky:Rocky).

Until the next today, I have my mind back on track (and hopefully my body will be close behind).

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