Yea, keep telling yourself that Tom

For some time now, I can’t say for how long, ( it doesn’t really matter though) I’ve been talking to myself. I’m a pretty quiet person usually and know I talk (out loud) way less than most people I ever met. Communication with other people is important, for sure. It’s how we learn about this crazy world. We also learn from books, videos, experiences, stories, what we see, hear, feel and countless other things. We give meaning to all the ‘things’ we encounter, and sometimes give undue meanings to things we shouldn’t.  I’ve heard at any given moment there are at least 2 million things happening around us that that we could pay attention to. We, however, delete 99% of everything around us.  The most important thing in life is to pay attention to the right 1%. The worst part is, we neither know what to pay attention to or even how to pay attention to it. The 1.98 million things we should be deleting have a way popping up and distracting us at every moment. There are shiny things, fun things, horrible things, goofy things, and countless other adjective things. I’m certainly no expert in paying attention to the right things, in fact I think I’m wrong almost all the time and have been all my life. Oh well, that’s life. 
 I’m under the distinct impression, however, that paying attention to how I talk to myself, when I’m consciously talking to myself, shapes how I receive the rest of the influences in my life (however many there are). I tell myself how good I feel, how grateful I am to have the people and experiences I’ve had so far in my life, and how the only thing that could ever stop me from experiencing anything I’ve ever dreamed o, or had an ambition for in life is myself.  I give myself messages that, under most circumstances, would seem ridiculous. I give myself messages that make me feel good, no matter the situation.  Most people may think this way of thinking is delusional and saying anything like that out loud is weird. This isn’t really out loud, but….. it’s the way I communicate. It IS out loud and in my ears. Constantly, forcefully, and on purpose. 
I have no intention of ever changing the positive messages I send to myself. So Tom, yea, keep telling yourself that. Oh, I will.

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