Didn’t he play for the Red Sox?

With spring training starting today and the weather being as nice as it’s been, the desire to be outside as much as possible is as high as I remember it being. The change in seasons always makes me want to change something (not just my clothes).  As the darkness of winter fades and the days start earlier, I have a renewed sense unlimited possibilities. Seriously, anything is possible. My new training schedule is set, and my belief that I can and will accomplish it is (at this moment) unshatterable. It’s almost as if I’m starting my own spring training with my world series being in mid November instead of the end of October.

What a fun thought. All I have to do is follow my schedule (adapt and change it on my whim) and I’ll be ready to accomplish a mental feat that merely seems physical.

So no matter how good or bad my ‘team’ is, I have a chance to do something amazing this year. I just need another team memeber, and no it’s not Jeff Stone (though he could run like the wind), it’s Mo Mentum.

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