Why See Tom Tri?

Who is Tom and why see him tri?

I’m just a guy, who like every guy my age, still feels like he can do what he could do when he was 20. Only I’m going to tri to prove it ( I am a terrible speller, but I did that one on purpose). This site is not about reclaiming lost youth or being a show off. This site is designed to show a mental and physical journey of accomplishment. I know in the bottom of my heart, anyone can take this journey and complete an ironman triathlon. Though it may not be something you ever wanted to do, you have a journey of your own. I’m going to post information about my mindset, nutrition, and training, and have a page dedicated to each of those aspects. Maybe I’m completely delusional, but I think this is gonna be fun!

Why do an ironman triathlon?

Most of the people I tell about doing this race look at me and say “Why not just start off with a smaller race to see if you can do it?” My answer is typically always the same, ”because I don’t want to”. When I woke up at 3:30 am for the 50th time in a row, I decided I wanted to complete this race immediately. It was June 21, 2010, five months before the Arizona triathlon (so I found out that morning). I also found out that morning that the race was SOLD OUT! Crappolla! Now I really want to do it. Searching online I found out that in order to get into next years (2011) race, I’d have to be at this years (2010) race and stand in line at 6:30 in the morning the day after the (2010) race. Ok, I thought, time to book a ticket. My ticket was purchased before the sun came up that day. I want to do the ironman triathlon and not just a triathlon because I promised myself I was going to do it the very next opportunity I got. So…..Arizona, here I come….in November.

Do you have any experience?

I took swimming lessons when I was about 6, I haven’t been on a bike since I was 12, and I ran (sort of) the Arizona marathon in 2008. My parents have a pool, but it’s mostly for cooling off in the summer by getting in up to your shoulders and wading around for a while. Or for sitting on the steps with just your feet in the water, talking about what’s going on in life. I don’t think I ever did a lap in the pool since it was put in when I was a kid. My bike…. I wonder if my parents still have it. The garage is pretty full, I think I should go route around in there to see if I can find it. I’ll soon test the theory of “you never forget how to ride a bike”.  As for running, I trained for the marathon in 2008 for a total of three months. The first day, I couldn’t run around the block. I stayed with it though. I got injured a few weeks before the race from a combination of over training and falling through a floor board in a construction zone of a house we were remodeling. I did complete it, and my first taste of a physical accomplishment happened for the first time since high school.

What kind of information is on this site?

Each of the pages will have something I have learned that I would like to share. Maybe there is something that will motivate you to tri (haha) something that only feels so unrealistic at this point, but you would like to do it anyway.

So, why See Tom Tri?

Because SeeTomIron was a ridiculous name.