some things you get

to buy, some things you get to do.

I’ve bought things. Most of which, I’m ready to give back if I haven’t already. The things I got to do, however….. I wouldn’t  want to ever give back even if I could.

I’m not an adventurer, thrill seeker, or someone who normally enjoys risky activities, nor do I just try things just so I can say I did. The things I get to do, for the most part, are pretty mundane. I really don’t get to do a whole lot. In fact, I’m starting to get depressed typing this….

Actually, I’m really . . . → Read More: some things you get

slow motion swimming

Is there a term for exercising without hardly moving and breathing like you are sleeping? The last two times I went swimming, I tried to move as slowly as I possibly could. The slow movement is almost meditative, as my breathing is calm and smooth. When I would breathe, I’d watch my hand exit the water and make a very slow arch until it entered again with as few bubbles as I could make. Each time up the pool I tried to go even slower. Though it may seem like a strange way to swim, especially if you happened . . . → Read More: slow motion swimming

I can’t freaking wait!

I just checked the participant list for Arizona Ironman and…. THERE I WAS! It written down, I’m on the list, there is nothing I can do about it but …. GO. Why does it have to be so long from now?

I’m just getting out to run a bit. Yesterday I went 3 1/2 miles and felt OK. The first 1/2 mile I was (like usual) tempted to walk. I started getting really warm about that time and welcomed the feeling. I can’t explain it fully, but when that feeling of warmth takes over, it gives me a sense . . . → Read More: I can’t freaking wait!

When it rains, it ….

‘s better than snow. But it’s just as hard to get up in the morning. I know I have over 8 months go get ready and know it’ll get easier to get on a morning schedule as time goes on. I don’t quite understand why, however, on rainy days the most tired I am during the night is the very last few minutes before I have to get up. I’m going with: because it seems darker when it rains (even though the sun is nowhere near the horizon yet).

As Spring gets closer, the weather gets warmer, and my . . . → Read More: When it rains, it ….

9 lives

We have a customer that has so many stories of about how ridiculous life is that we always tell her that she should write a book. The gist of her latest ‘chapter’ had to do with her husband who, she swears, cheated death a dozen times. “Yea, he shot himself in the leg, got some kind of infection from it, jumped out of a third story window, nearly chopped off his hand, got hit by a car twice (didn’t ask if it was the same car)”. All that before 9 am. Haha. We joked about how he must be . . . → Read More: 9 lives