I can’t freaking wait!

I just checked the participant list for Arizona Ironman and…. THERE I WAS! It written down, I’m on the list, there is nothing I can do about it but …. GO. Why does it have to be so long from now?

I’m just getting out to run a bit. Yesterday I went 3 1/2 miles and felt OK. The first 1/2 mile I was (like usual) tempted to walk. I started getting really warm about that time and welcomed the feeling. I can’t explain it fully, but when that feeling of warmth takes over, it gives me a sense of calm. Maybe it’s the shot of endorphins that I like. I’m guessing it’s because my heart starts beating faster to pump more blood through my body, realizing I’m moving faster than most other hours during my day. Whatever the cause or effect, I can’t wait to do it again.

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