IMAZ 2012 Swim: Don’t PANIC like I did (then again, I hope you do)

The story starts in Tempe Town Lake at the 2011 Ironman Arizona. Before the cannon shot off, I was under the bridge about 200 yards from the starting line in order to feel comfortable with so many people around. I was toward the middle to the back of the pack. I’m guessing it took me at least 20 minutes in the swim in 2011 to calm my breathing. I was moving in the water, but not necessarily swimming. Whenever someone got close to me, I’d let them pass, but eventually got into a groove and swam the rest of . . . → Read More: IMAZ 2012 Swim: Don’t PANIC like I did (then again, I hope you do)

The obsession takes root

I got my new sneaks (neon blue Newton running shoes with red laces (apparently crazy colors are all the rage this year)), my bike is semi-tuned, and my internal clock wakes me at 5 am every day. I’m excited about two-a-day workouts (even if the second one is just a short jog around the block), and checking out every YouTube video that has to do with Ironman Arizona 2011, 2012, Ironman Lake Placid 2012 (to see if I could spot myself on the sidelines somewhere (haven’t found Waldo yet either)), and Ironman World Championships Kona (though if these videos . . . → Read More: The obsession takes root

It’s all the same

I channeled coach Dale and pictured Ollie on Jimmy Chitwood’s shoulders as he measured the dimensions of the ‘court’. To my pleasant surprise, the ‘court’ in Lake Placid New York is exactly the same size as the one in Arizona (and even in my back yard).

I was a bit nervous driving to New York this past weekend (with no place to stay but in my truck) and volunteering for the Ironman Lake Placid 2012. The drive, nor the lack of a comfy sleep space didn’t bother me at all. The thing that made me nervous was thinking that . . . → Read More: It’s all the same

When you have energy

you can do just about anything.

that’s the best part

Last night I ran for 4 miles. I don’t think I ever run fast, but last night I tried to run slowly (you know, jog). 

Knee brace: check.

Ankle brace: check.

Walkman set to Awesome Mix 7: check

Wrists and forehead sweatbands: check

Knee high socks: check

My favorite ”yea, I jog” t-shirt: check 

While jogging (which I love to do, especially on cold days when I can wear my jogging suit) I tried to concentrate on landing solidly directly below my body. Though my concentration only lasts for a few steps at a time until I’m distracted by 1000 other . . . → Read More: that’s the best part

The lesson is at the end

I’ve heard that the lesson to be learned to anything is at the end. Hmm. The end of what exactly? The end of the day, the week, the event, the story….? Is the lesson a stand alone lesson, or is it contingent upon previous lessons? Would I take the same thing away as someone else or does that only happen when when we are told exactly what we should learn, like in a fable? We’re all sort of living in our own fable. We tell each other stories about how we overcame this or that. How we applied a . . . → Read More: The lesson is at the end

some things you get

to buy, some things you get to do.

I’ve bought things. Most of which, I’m ready to give back if I haven’t already. The things I got to do, however….. I wouldn’t  want to ever give back even if I could.

I’m not an adventurer, thrill seeker, or someone who normally enjoys risky activities, nor do I just try things just so I can say I did. The things I get to do, for the most part, are pretty mundane. I really don’t get to do a whole lot. In fact, I’m starting to get depressed typing this….

Actually, I’m really . . . → Read More: some things you get

When it rains, it ….

‘s better than snow. But it’s just as hard to get up in the morning. I know I have over 8 months go get ready and know it’ll get easier to get on a morning schedule as time goes on. I don’t quite understand why, however, on rainy days the most tired I am during the night is the very last few minutes before I have to get up. I’m going with: because it seems darker when it rains (even though the sun is nowhere near the horizon yet).

As Spring gets closer, the weather gets warmer, and my . . . → Read More: When it rains, it ….

9 lives

We have a customer that has so many stories of about how ridiculous life is that we always tell her that she should write a book. The gist of her latest ‘chapter’ had to do with her husband who, she swears, cheated death a dozen times. “Yea, he shot himself in the leg, got some kind of infection from it, jumped out of a third story window, nearly chopped off his hand, got hit by a car twice (didn’t ask if it was the same car)”. All that before 9 am. Haha. We joked about how he must be . . . → Read More: 9 lives


I’ve recently become obsessed (once again) with the Ironman Championships in Kona Hawaii.  It’s usually televised in December every year, but within the wonderful world of it plays daily on my computer. The full episodes from 2006- 2011 are on there. Just like an 80′s movie that I can quote word for word as it plays, so goes with the full 6 hours that I watch constantly.

I’m happy that the episodes are available because it gets my mind focused on doing it again come November. I don’t think it’s probable that I can do it fast enough to . . . → Read More: Obsession