9 lives

We have a customer that has so many stories of about how ridiculous life is that we always tell her that she should write a book. The gist of her latest ‘chapter’ had to do with her husband who, she swears, cheated death a dozen times. “Yea, he shot himself in the leg, got some kind of infection from it, jumped out of a third story window, nearly chopped off his hand, got hit by a car twice (didn’t ask if it was the same car)”. All that before 9 am. Haha. We joked about how he must be some kind of cat with nine lives.

That ‘chapter’ had me thinking about how everyone I know has nine lives. No, we all don’t cheat death in such a dramatic way as my customer’s husband has. I’m not referring to cheating death, however, I’m referring to being a different person than we had been. From day to day nothing really changes at all. But from year to year…. everything does. Practically every cell in our body dies and regenerates over time. That’s a weird concept itself. Our bodies change internally and externally, but we only see what’s in the mirror. What happens to the parts we don’t see, like our minds? I’m not the six year old kid, twenty year old or even thirty year old I used to be. For the most part, I don’t think I resemble any of them in the parts that aren’t seen. Life right now is so completely different than it had ever been, and for the most part is a different life. I don’t know which life number I’m on at this point, but I’m trying to make ‘this’ life the best yet.

My lives so far may not be book worthy, but who knows if this one will be?

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