I got a really nice (unsolicited) compliment the other day. It’s kind of neat (at the same time strange) when someone you don’t know compliments you on your improvement when you didn’t even know anyone was looking. My response was typical Tom. “Thank you very much, that was very nice of you.” I’ve been told before that I can’t take a compliment, so that is my attempt to receive it (instead of making a face like :-/   ) <—- My chin looks huge that way, I never noticed that before.

I’ve been really concentrating on swimming technique since I . . . → Read More: Compliment

Sleep running?

Last night I decided to run for a bit after work. I felt good and kept a fast pace for quite a while. I also wore a heart rate monitor that goes with my gps watch. Though it’s a neat thing to know my heart rate, it’s really difficult to see when running. The number is so small in the upper right corner, I couldn’t read it with accuracy. At one point I thought it said 198 until I slowed a tad and saw it was 158. Here I go with the math again, hold on: My resting heart . . . → Read More: Sleep running?

Come on Irene….

Besides being the next song after Jingle Bells that the waiters were going to sing in A Christmas Story, it’s also a pretty big storm…..and I can’t wait! As long as there is no lightning, I’m going to run in the storm of the century. Chris told me that my time will be wind aided, so I can’t count it if I make a PR. On Sunday, I’ll let you know how combing the run and swim portions feel.

Official Notice:

TriaTHlon THursday is moving to Saturday and changing it’s name to 70.3 day. Seventy point three is the total number of miles in a 1/2 ironman. Since I have an issue thinking that half of something isn’t a full anything, the day’s mileage will equal a full 70.3 miles. I survived last week’s version of the full 70.3, and am ready to take it on again on Saturday. By moving the event to Saturday, it gives me time during the week to build up the miles before and after work and gives me a full day (a full part . . . → Read More: Official Notice:

love for sale

We all have different perspectives (obviously), but it seems I’m the only one that thinks that a transmission, crank arm length, wheels, and bearings (in that order) on a bike are the most important things. The bike I have right now is limited by having internal pressed bearings. It’s usually not a bad thing, or a limiting thing at all, but in order to satisfy my ‘most important’ list, internal pressed bearings would have to be replaced by external ones to improve the transmission and lengthen the crank arms. The issue that arises, is internal pressed bearings can’t be replaced by external ones. . . . → Read More: love for sale

2/3 of 1/2 damn near killed me.

Since triaTHlon THursday was rained out, and today was so beautiful, I decided to attempt a 1/2 ironman (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and 13.1 mile run). The pool doesn’t open until 7 am on Saturday and I wanted to get going earlier, so I hopped on my bike with 56 miles ahead of me for the first leg of the three. The ride to Philly then to Phoenixville and back made the total distance of 56 miles. I wasn’t laboring too much, I tried to relax my muscles when I felt like I was tense. The . . . → Read More: 2/3 of 1/2 damn near killed me.

Why are you so negative?!

Got my ionized water (no it wasn’t struck by lightning), and I’m ready to go.

Each jar has 4 cups of water (or 1/4 gallon). I backed off of the amount of water from the 2011 Great H2O Experiment (to prevent a drinking problem) and am down to 1.5 gallons a day. The reason I drink out of a jar is because the negative ions stay negatively charged in glass, but in plastic it loses it’s charge. I have no idea why, but the plastic bottles make it lose almost 1/2 of it’s charge.

To test for an electrical . . . → Read More: Why are you so negative?!

Notice: event postponed

I think this is the first TriaTHlon THursday to be rained out. I can deal with rain, I love rain. It’s the lightning that kept the bike inside. Although… what are the chances of getting struck by lightning? I’m sure the chances rise when I’m zooming on a lightning rod in open areas, but….. wouldn’t that give me an adrenaline boost thinking that I may get struck by lightning? I bet I’d pedal till smoke came out of the bottom bracket. I could set a new personal record. Who needs an energy drink, just ride in a storm! ***disclaimer: . . . → Read More: Notice: event postponed

Gotta love the NorthEast

Does what I know about walking in snow help me learn how to be a better runner (swimmer, biker, etc)?

Here’s what I know:

1) take smaller steps

2) keep your balance / one foot below you at all times

3) use appropriate footwear

4) keep your feet warm/dry

5) watch for black ice

6) when given the chance, slide

7) follow in previously stepped-in snow

So for running: don’t over stride, use sneakers that support you, socks that wick sweat, watch for obstacles, have fun, and don’t recreate the wheel/ follow the path of least resistance.

Yep, I think I . . . → Read More: Gotta love the NorthEast

What do you get out of climbing a tree?

I got up at 4:23 am today for experimental purposes. I wanted to drink 32 oz of water and have it digest before I got in the pool at 5:30. I don’t usually eat anything before swimming, and only drink a few sips of water on the way to the pool. The thought process behind drinking so much was getting my internal organs working to flush out anything that was just hanging around in there overnight. I think I wanted more than my muscle working, I wanted my whole body working.

I found out that 4:23 really isn’t that much earlier than 4:43. . . . → Read More: What do you get out of climbing a tree?