It’s really difficult

I know what I want to eat and what I want to avoid. But it’s nearly impossible to eat the way I want to on a daily basis. There are probably 100 places to eat lunch in the surrounding area, and everyday I struggle with finding something that 1) appeals to me 2) is cost effective 3) isn’t damaging to me. I know I have to compromise one or two of these things, but really don’t want to. That may be OK for some people, but not me. I can’t just throw my hands up and say, oh well that’s just . . . → Read More: It’s really difficult

Lactic acid,

delayed onset muscle soreness, exercise induced hypoalgesia, or whatever it’s called, happened today. You know, when your muscles get sore 24 hours or so after exercising. This is the first time it’s crept up on me for a while (did you say hoowhile?). I thought it was when you over extend/stretch you muscles. But I don’t see that as a reason considering none of the activities (swimming, running or biking) stretch muscles. I didn’t push myself to exhaustion, nor did I forget to add the branch chain amino acids post work out.  I wonder if a 24 hour post . . . → Read More: Lactic acid,

Fastest one yet

1T2TH2 is in the record books. I followed the plan I made last night…sort of.  All except for the sweet potatoes, and the good sleep. In any event, Today’s swim was faster (30 laps in 21 minutes), run was faster (3.1 miles in 27 minutes 15 seconds) and bike was faster (12.4 miles in 45 minutes 50 seconds). I had my proprietary amino shake right after I finished and am ready to take on the world, or at least whatever happens today.

It’s fun looking at the watch about the half way point. Seeing a lower number encourages me . . . → Read More: Fastest one yet

TriaTHlon THursday is moving to Tuesday!

Even though I typically don’t believe anything that a weatherman says, tomorrow’s weather outlook seems more promising than Thursday’s. That plus I’m anxious to do it again. You know with all the success I had this weekend and all (patting myself on the back). My formula for tonight and tomorrow morning: brown rice, veggies and sweet potatoes for dinner, relaxing and visualizing swimming, a good night sleep (like I have any control over that), brown rice and coconut oil capsule supplement in the am, swim like a fish, run like the wind and ride like I was shot out of . . . → Read More: TriaTHlon THursday is moving to Tuesday!

What a difference a _______ makes.

Fill in the blank: week, good sleep, good meal, good attitude, decision. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be able to take a few hours (almost 3) to ride my bike. The same time last week, I did the same thing. The only differences were it was a week later, I had a good sleep the night before, proper nourishment, a better attitude and I decided how far I was going this time. Minor details that add up to a much more enjoyable experience. If I lacked just one of those ingredients, my ride would have been totally different.

. . . → Read More: What a difference a _______ makes.


On Saturday afternoon, It took me 49 minutes (stopping at every intersection because of traffic) to get to the pool that normally takes me 15 minutes. I was getting anxious and my energy level was slowly waning. I pulled into the packed parking lot, found a space, then thought about driving back home. Being in the car that long on a trip that I was anticipating being much shorter made me not want to workout.  I knew if I drove home, it would probably take me just as long as it did coming. The ONLY reason I was driving . . . → Read More: decide

2nd one in the books

What a nice cool, breezy day for ‘triaTHlon THursday’. Well, I did it:  Swam 1/2 mile (24 min), biked for 12 miles (49.5 min) and ran 3 miles(29.5 min). It took me a few minutes longer today than last week. I’m tired, but I’m still standing. Overall I think it was diet related that kept me at a slow pace today. My fuel of choice was pizza last night, a little bit of rice before bed and nothing this am.

After a good lunch, I’ll be ready to do it all again tonight… my mind.

The Real Tri

This is worth a revisit because I was reminded during a conversation today. The real Tri is nutrition, conditioning and the right mindset. Who really cares about swimming, biking and running? Great, you float, you move your legs in a circle while you bend over on an uncomfortable seat and you move your legs in a circle while being upright. Does that really matter? Will the stories about how you swam a minute faster than last year really change anyone’s life, including yours? I highly doubt it.    Will being healthy, fit and/or mentally sharp inside and out make your life better and . . . → Read More: The Real Tri

Getting ready for 2TH2

I had so much fun at TH2, I can’t wait for 2TH2. In the pool today, I went further (40 lengths total) than I have before. Even though I had a good dinner and plenty of rest, I got tired pretty quickly. It wasn’t muscular, but felt it was my breathing that made me tired today. I still have the habit of breathing deeply and exhaling heavily. During the laps, I’d take a break, back float and remind myself to relax. The reminder lasted a lap or two.  I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’d like to add . . . → Read More: Getting ready for 2TH2

The longest two miles of my life… so far

I chose Sunday to be my long run or bike day. Yesterday started out nicely with a big breakfast of eggs, toast, oj, and pancakes. Two 1/2 hours later, I still wasn’t hungry so I grabbed an apple for the road (not a road apple), and hopped on the bike. I drove into what seemed like a 30 mph wind for almost an hour. It didn’t bother me because I was going to get the benefit of the wind to my back on the way home. The Schuylkill River Path, believe it or not, runs along the Schuylkill River. . . . → Read More: The longest two miles of my life… so far