I Bleed It Out

“I bleed it out, digging deeper just to throw it away” (Linkin Park). I know this training doesn’t mean much of anything to anyone but me. I’m pushing myself daily just to forget about it the next day. It doesn’t matter how hard I try, I know I won’t be satisfied. I know I’m capable of doing so much more than I currently am. But if I sit back and pat myself on the back, I’ll be cutting myself short. That’s not to say I can’t be proud of hitting a goal or going further than I have before, that’s . . . → Read More: I Bleed It Out

a few different perspectives

“Ignite the open trail” (James Hatfield). I rode my shiny new bike on the path today and went further in that direction than I had before. I don’t know why, but as I passed new scenery, I felt like I was going slower. Maybe I was, or maybe it just felt that way. I was taking in the sights and sounds of a part of suburban Philadelphia I never experienced that way before. I past a few people who probably know that section by heart (who I’m sure said to themselves “wonder why he’s going so slow”?).  When I . . . → Read More: a few different perspectives

What’s possible?

My usual answer… Anything is possible. No really, what’s possible? Anything. Seriously now, what’s possible? Anything.

What’s probable is something different entirely. I was looking at the race results from Ford Ironman Arizona for various years to see where the top five finishers in my age group came in at. Then I expanded it to the top 10. That would be pretty cool if I could finish that quickly and be in the top ten, but I’m looking more in the top 100. How many are there anyway? It’s not like I’m racing them or even racing anyone really. My . . . → Read More: What’s possible?

Inaugural TH2

It started off slow…. I had to wait 20 minutes for another person to get to the pool (never swim alone). I got in the water at 5:50, swam 30 lengths in 23 minutes. After drying off and putting on my ankle and knee braces I ran around the field outside for a total of 3.1 miles in 29 minutes. Before getting on the bike, I had to drive home. Just after 7 am I hopped on the bike, rode for 12.4 miles in 48 minutes and my first triaTHlon THursday was in the books, all before breakfast.

It . . . → Read More: Inaugural TH2

triaTHlon THursday

Considering I didn’t know how to spell triathlon a few months ago (I thought there were 2 A’s in it), I’m going to attempt a sprint distance version tomorrow. A sprint distance consists of : 0.47 mile swim, 12.4 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. Unfortunately it’s going to go something like this…. Drive to pool, swim for 30 laps, jog around the track for 3.1 miles, drive home, get on bike then go 12.4 miles. If I bring a bigger vehicle home that fits my new shiny bike, I’ll attempt the distances in the order they are intended.

. . . → Read More: triaTHlon THursday

Could be on to something

While swimming this am, I started experimenting (like usual). I found that if I tighten my lower abs while attempting to make myself as tall as I could in the water, I got faster and went farther with every stroke. My feet stayed at the surface and even felt my kick break the water behind me. With my feet straight behind me, I was more aerodynamic (or is that fluid dynamic?). I couldn’t tell you otherwise where my feet were before. They were probably lower than my body in the water, which slowed me down.

This AH HA (bubble . . . → Read More: Could be on to something


I want to eat things that are growing and edible, not processed and dead. Wheatgrass fits in the first category. Now I suppose that I could buy wheatgrass capsules or wheatgrass powder and be done with it. But, I’m unclear how they can extract the nutrients from the grass (which is in the liquid) and provide it in a powder form. If you’ve ever juiced a fruit or vegetable, did you drink the juice or eat the fiber left over? Now imagine the juice in your glass, how do you make it into a powder?

In any event, I’d . . . → Read More: wheatgrass

First 25

I just rode a bike 25 miles! So what, right? Well, that’s the longest I’ve ever gone on a bike, at one time, in my life (except maybe when I delivered newspapers as a kid, that seemed like 100 miles (it really wasn’t that far, it was just around the block)). Is that an accomplishment to be proud of? Well I am. Just as my first 50 mile day and first 100 mile day will be as well.

That made me think about how I feel when I do something physically demanding and still feel energized immediately afterward. I . . . → Read More: First 25

As good as I once was

“I may not be as good as I once was, but I was good once, as I ever was” (Toby Keith). It doesn’t matter what I was capable of once upon a time. It only matters what I’m capable of now. I try my best with the tools I currently have and can only use my memory to give me an idea of what I thought was possible once in my life.

I don’t have the luxury of training with a body that’s 20 years younger, when I was presumably in the best shape of my life. Just as . . . → Read More: As good as I once was


Oh yea, BTW, the ‘saddle’ on the new shiny bike is really hard. I have bike pants with a really big pad in them, when worn under my pants, I feel like I’m wearing Depends (or at least how I think Depends would feel). After riding for 10 miles last night, and getting on the new shiny bike this am, there is a particular part of my body that didn’t appreciate the ride.

I’m not quite understanding the reason for the hard plastic saddle with no built in padding. It can’t be to make the bike more aerodynamic, that . . . → Read More: OUCH