Confucius say:

“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” Thanks Confucius! Today I slowly ran 10 miles without stopping. I kept this idea in my mind today when I got tired around mile 6. There is a feeling of accomplishment when you are able to run for a distance without stopping for a rest. Stopping is the easiest thing in the world to do. I figured I was going to walk home anyway, what difference did it make if I stopped at one hour or one hour and thirty minutes? I’d just walk . . . → Read More: Confucius say:

it adds up….. (sort of) fast!

With today’s run, I passed the 100 mile mark since I started training. One hundred miles is pretty far. That’s around 140,000 steps!  I’ve been keeping track of the total amount of miles run on the right side of this page. Though at one point (November 20, 2011 in fact!), I’ll be doing 1/4 of that amount in one day. Wait… now 100 doesn’t seem so impressive, I can essentially do 100 miles in 4 days (4 marathons)!  Why has it taken me 7 months?! Seven months that went by in a blink of an eye (so it did only feel like . . . → Read More: it adds up….. (sort of) fast!

12 hours later…

TriaTHlon THursday is complete. I had mental anguish all day because I didn’t complete my triathlon today (no, I really didn’t). After work, I got on the bike and went 34 miles. Ten miles more than TH TH called for. You see, I have had a tendency in the past to overdo it and 1) I couldn’t help myself and 2) I couldn’t help myself.

Duathlon Thursday,

until 6 pm. My typical TH TH was cut short today. We had customers coming in early and I had to help handle them. In any event. I swam (really well, I might add) for a mile. I concentrated on making as little a splash as possible and felt as if I was just gliding through the water. I’m so glad I went to the pool yesterday and practiced. I tried to use the same thought process (and physical process of course) as I did yesterday. I did move slowly. My actual swim time was around 45 minutes, but . . . → Read More: Duathlon Thursday,

Don’t even feel like swimming

This is what went through my head today during my swimming practice:

keep your head level and your neck relaxed

picture a laser beam shooting up your spine and out the top of your head keeping you in a straight line

picture two tracks that extend from your shoulders that your hands will glide on

keep one hand above your head at all times

as your hand enters the water, reach as far above you as you can, straight from your shoulder

hit the same exact point with your hand every time it goes in the water

get on the track . . . → Read More: Don’t even feel like swimming

sad but true

It started off like any other mid day conversation….”do you want anything for lunch?” so went my text. “No, I’m good. Grab what you want” was the response. The next thing that went through my mind (and phone) was sad but true. “What I want and what I’ll settle for is different”.

Just re reading that gets me mad. It is true that I just settle for things instead of going after what I want. It’s too easy just to sit back and let everything happen you, but it’s just as easy to stand up and demand to get what . . . → Read More: sad but true

worth your salt

I just had an ‘Ah Ha’ moment. When I was riding Sunday (Sunday was not part of the Great 2011 H2O Experiment), I was losing water through sweat but I was also losing salt. I could tell because my shirt was white when I wiped my brow, and I could see it on my arms and legs. Though I don’t know the rate of salt loss (somewhere between 250-400 mg per 1/8 gallon of water/per hour), I’m fairly confident about the maximum amount of water loss (1/8 gallon of water per hour). I think the reason that I started to get tunnel vision toward . . . → Read More: worth your salt

The Great 2011 H2O Experiment

Last week I attemped to drink more water over the course of one week than I ever have before. Since my/your kidneys can only filter 1/4 gallon per hour, I limited my intake of fluid (water) to that amount per hour. The amount of water that can leave your body through sweat is typically about 1/8 gallon per hour (half of what your kidney can process). So the times when I was exercising and sweating I was estimating how much more to drink to replace it. I never drank more than 2 1/2 bottles of 16.9 fl oz of water . . . → Read More: The Great 2011 H2O Experiment

this is going to be a challenge

The alarm went off at 4:25 am. I wanted to get something to eat and give it time to digest before my long bike ride. The plan was to be out the door by 5:30. The brown rice I was making took a little longer than expected (because no self respecting southerner makes instant brown rice). Nearly 45 minutes later, I finally ate. So instead of giving myself 45 minutes to digest, I only had 15 minutes. I’ve been pretty successful using brown rice for fuel on my long ride days. I haven’t tried it for swimming or jogging . . . → Read More: this is going to be a challenge

After Midnight

When I woke up this morning I put on the radio. The first thing I heard was “You’re listening to After Midnight with Blair Garner”. are you freaking kidding me?! I know it’s early, but it’s still considered after midnight?! With training so early, I’m now waking up when I used to go to sleep. I’ve always heard that doing this race would change your life…..

So, anyone out there care to join me after midnight for a relaxing bike ride?