Bring on the heat

Today was by far the hottest triaTHlon THursday ever. I should have done the swimming last, but I didn’t. After I got out of the pool, the lifeguard asked me if I was going to run today. Part of the loop around the center passes the pool. I looked at him and gave him a Steve joke “I am, so dial 91 and if/when you see me collapse, dial the other 1″. I dried off for some reason and put on my sneakers (running shoes). As soon as I got outside I wondered why I had dried off in . . . → Read More: Bring on the heat

I couldn’t control myself

Every Wednesday morning to kick off the auction, Manheim gives out free soft pretzels. As soon as the poor little old man brings them out, there are hundreds of auto dealers all over him. They’re good, but you should see the craziness. I’m going to record the frenzy next week. It’s like sharks going after chum. The funny thing is they always have left over pretzels so I never understood why everyone wanted the first ones in the first box, but I got mine!

After eating it quickly I thought “man they seem thin today, I’m going to grab . . . → Read More: I couldn’t control myself

Drink more water

I read that our kidneys can only process about 1/4 gallon of liquid an hour. That’s one 16.9 oz bottle of water every half hour. My goal for this week, starting yesterday, is to drink as much water as my body can handle. So, pretty much I’m drinking a 24 bottle case of water a day. At Bottom Dollar, the case only costs $1.99 this week. I heard that when it’s really hot outside you have to drink more water anyway. So given the fact that it will be near 100 degrees all week, it seems like a perfect time to experiment.

The . . . → Read More: Drink more water

I just feel good

I don’t know how to explain it otherwise. Yesterday’s bike ride wasn’t the longest or fastest I’ve been able to do in one day, but right now, I just feel good. Yesterday’s bike ride was the longest my riding partner had ever gone though, and by being a party to that, I just feel good. I’ve ridden my bike for over 1,000 miles. That’s a really big number. For having accomplished that, I just feel good.

My training, diet and minset all seem to be working the way they should be. Today will be full of unexpected stressors (just like every . . . → Read More: I just feel good


It’s only 4.5 mile to the office(comma) 11 miles to Center City Philly(comma) 6 miles to Valley Forge(comma) 11 miles to Phoenixville(comma) and Conshohocken is only one square mile. None of these distances are very far considering how big the world is(comma) and all of the distances can be covered without use of a motorized vehicle if you had to (you know(comma) if you’re life depended on it). I never walked or jogged to Phoenixville or Center City Philly(comma) but I did ride my bike there. In fact I rode my bike there (both places) today(comma) and I’m still . . . → Read More: comma

I couldn’t run 7 miles if my life depended on it

I don’t think I ever said that, but I’m sure a believed it. After high school, my athletic days quickly went away. It wasn’t till 15 years after high school that I started becoming active again. I wasn’t a slouch, but I didn’t do much by way of being physical. I worked too much to have time for anything like that.

It came to a point that I realized (started to, anyway), that I (a) miss feeling fit, (b) saw that as people got older they couldn’t do the same things as they could when they were younger, (c) . . . → Read More: I couldn’t run 7 miles if my life depended on it

Theorist vs experimentalist

The theorist thinks up the theory and the experimentalist attempts different ways to  prove or disprove those theories. Typically these are two different people.

I’m a theorist in my mind and an experimentalist in my body. That’s a little south of being bi-polar but just north of being in building 51 of Norristown State Hospital.

In theory, all you have to do is eat right, think right and exercise right and you can complete an ironman, so says my brain. That’s an excellent idea, let me figure out what eating right, thinking right and exercising right would entail, said my body. Also . . . → Read More: Theorist vs experimentalist

Frankie Says Relax

Besides being one of the coolest slogans of the 80′s, it’s also applicable today. The first time I jumped out of a plane, I was so tense, I had my hands in a fist trying to stop myself from falling. The instructor on my back must have noticed because he put his hand in front of my face and shook it as if to tell me to loosen up. I did just that, and the rest of the way down was very enjoyable. I actually noticed how green New Jersey is and was amazed to be able to . . . → Read More: Frankie Says Relax

exercise is medicine

I was watching a documentary about how your body can heal itself. I’m very anti-drug, and anti-doctor who perscribe drugs for any and everything. So the film was something I knew I’d enjoy. If there was only one point that I had use to sum up the film, I couldn’t…..OK, but if I could, it would be: exercise is like medicine for our body. I could explain that more, but I don’t have to.

we hold these truths to be self-evident

Today I felt alive when I was jogging. It was just starting to get a little hot around 7:30 am when I started. I purposely left my tunes at home, the race in November doesn’t allow headphones, so I figured I might as well (minus well) start practicing without them. The best part was I didn’t miss the distraction at all. My mantra for today was “I can do this all day’, and when I thought about it, I knew at some point I was going to have to do it all day.

I love the freedom of being able . . . → Read More: we hold these truths to be self-evident