it adds up….. (sort of) fast!

With today’s run, I passed the 100 mile mark since I started training. One hundred miles is pretty far. That’s around 140,000 steps!  I’ve been keeping track of the total amount of miles run on the right side of this page. Though at one point (November 20, 2011 in fact!), I’ll be doing 1/4 of that amount in one day. Wait… now 100 doesn’t seem so impressive, I can essentially do 100 miles in 4 days (4 marathons)!  Why has it taken me 7 months?! Seven months that went by in a blink of an eye (so it did only feel like 4 days). OK, I feel better again. The neat thing about the amount of miles from this point on is the total will increase much faster. My runs are getting longer each time I go out.

The next 100 may only be 30 days away! Now that’s fast…sort of

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