Makes Sense to Me

I told my mom that I was doing a really long race that will they give you 16 hours to complete. I also told her that the really elite athletes do it in around 8 hours. She looked at me and said, “I’d rather you do it in 8 hours, this way you can sit down and relax and watch everyone else finish.”

Hard Core

Besides the type of music in my play list and my dedication to becoming an ironman, the term hard core reminds me that my core muscles are of utmost importance for this type of event.  To keep me accountable I’ll be posting the number of sit-ups (including all types of crunches) as a running total. I have no idea how many I’ll ultimately end up doing. I’m sure I’ll cut back as I start to cycle, run and swim, but at least I’ll keep that in front of me as being something I NEED to do.

Doing a distance race, . . . → Read More: Hard Core

What was I thinking?

I survived, but man was that a workout! My arms never seemed so long! Even though my feet touched the ground with every pull up, my chin did clear the bar every time. By summer, I won’t need that little break between reps. When I first started, I couldn’t do one chin up. Someone suggested I do a reverse chin-up (would that be a heel up?). He said somehow get your chin over the bar (using a chair or box or something that you can lift yourself high enough) and then lower yourself as slow as you can. The . . . → Read More: What was I thinking?

4:30 am and no cows to milk

I thought only farmers and donuts makers wake up this early. Since I don’t drink milk or eat donuts, I might as well start a new category of people that wake the sun up. This …um…morning’s challenge, conquer a pyramid. Well, not in a Cairo anti-government kind of way. There is a workout that goes like this: draw a triangle on a page and write numbers (from 1-10) going up the left side starting at the bottom going up the side to the top. On the right side starting at the top, write in descending order from 10-1 so . . . → Read More: 4:30 am and no cows to milk

“Why do we have to…

shovel, just because Tom is training?” asked Jay. It’s becoming our weekly ritual to shovel the sidewalks and car lot. My mom offered to buy me a snow blower more than once.  Perhaps I’m a little screwy, but I look forward to spending the energy and time it takes to move the snow.

It's Beginning to look a lot like….Buffalo


Island of snow

I heard we’re supposed to get more next week… I can’t wait. And no Don, we can not rent a . . . → Read More: “Why do we have to…

What are you thinking,

what do you eat, and what’s a burpee?  There is a lot of information about triathlon training, but not much out there about starting from ground zero. I’m adding a page about the philosophy I’m going to follow for nutrition, exercise and my psychology throughout this year. Some aspects I will not compromise, and some will change. Overall, I’m choosing a path and following it to the end. So…. what am I thinking?  Tonight is a good night to make my legs as tired as I possibly can, eat lots of veggies and link up as many positive emotions I can about taking this journey.

Going out with my boots on

And three layers! It’s pretty cold in Philadelphia, and I can only do so much running in place in the house (actually it seems I’m always running in place). I braved the 20 degree weather and jogged for a few miles. I felt like Rocky in my hooded sweatshirt running through Siberia. As I was jogging past a few restaurants, I past some people outside smoking, and they looked at me like I was crazy!

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No Roger, No Rerun, No Rent

No coffee, no soft drinks,  no tea. During this year, I’m attempting to cut out all unnecessary caffeine, acidity, and high fructose corn syrup. Though caffeine is a stimulant and good for a burst of energy,  I would like to avoid the negative side of it. Caffeine is a diuretic, pulls water from your cells, and increases the acid in your body which is the opposite of what I’m trying to accomplish in training. An acidic body causes it’s own set of problems, and high fructose corn syrup is, well… pretty much the worst stuff on earth.

Staying away . . . → Read More: No Roger, No Rerun, No Rent

Northeast Workout

Get a great cardio, and oftentimes anaerobic, workout by grabbing a shovel and pushing snow and or ice once a week! Thanks Mother Nature!

Exercise to failure

I am not a member of a gym, don’t have any weights and it’s too cold to run (23 degrees with wind!), so tonight I exercised my legs until failure. I read about the concept of exercising this way to build endurance in your muscle fibers. So for the last hour I used my body weight to do calf raises, inner thigh lifts, hip raises (I don’t know the real name), wall squats and back extensions. I did calf raises on one leg for two minutes each ( man that burned), then both legs for four more minutes. Then back . . . → Read More: Exercise to failure