4:30 am and no cows to milk

I thought only farmers and donuts makers wake up this early. Since I don’t drink milk or eat donuts, I might as well start a new category of people that wake the sun up. This …um…morning’s challenge, conquer a pyramid. Well, not in a Cairo anti-government kind of way. There is a workout that goes like this: draw a triangle on a page and write numbers (from 1-10) going up the left side starting at the bottom going up the side to the top. On the right side starting at the top, write in descending order from 10-1 so that the 1 is at the bottom right.

Like So

That’s it! How do you feel?….

No, now for every level of the pyramid (1-10 on the left and 10-1 on the right), do one chin up, two push ups and three sit ups. So on level 5 for instance, that’s 5 chin ups, 10 push ups and 15 sit ups. Start on the bottom left going up one level until you hit the top of the pyramid, then go down the right side. That’s a total of 110 chin ups, 220 push ups and 330 sit ups. Pretty intense. The very top levels are killers. But once you’re done, you get a huge sence of accomplishment

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