What was I thinking?

I survived, but man was that a workout! My arms never seemed so long! Even though my feet touched the ground with every pull up, my chin did clear the bar every time. By summer, I won’t need that little break between reps. When I first started, I couldn’t do one chin up. Someone suggested I do a reverse chin-up (would that be a heel up?). He said somehow get your chin over the bar (using a chair or box or something that you can lift yourself high enough) and then lower yourself as slow as you can. The first couple I dropped like a lead balloon. Then eventually I was lowering myself slower and slower. One day, I tried to pull myself up without the help of the chair. And……I did it! I felt like a six year old in the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge, only I wasn’t six. I can’t wait to see what I can do this time next year.  I’ll blow those 6 year old kids away with the amount of chin ups I can do then!

2 comments to What was I thinking?

  • Howard Cummings

    How long did this workout take? Do you do full sit-ups or crunches?

    • admin-tom

      HowCome, the workout took about a half hour and since there were so many sit-ups required, I changed the type of sit-up with each level (crunches, sided crunches, reverse crunches, full sit-ups).