Eat to survive to the next meal

There is such a lack of easily accessible quality food available it feels like most of the choices are just enough to have me survive long enough till the next meal. I find myself getting anxious around meal times, when I don’t have food that I made, with the thought of having to eat lower quality food, just so I can keep alive.

I try to keep fruits and nuts with me during the day, just in case I can’t hunt down a good meal. I’m wondering how many other people feel that way. Just because food is so . . . → Read More: Eat to survive to the next meal

I drink my water out of a mason jar

Experimenting with ionizing water and found out through research that the lower ORP (oxidation reduction potential) and the higher the pH (potential Hydrogen) liquid has, the better it is for you when you drink it. Conshohocken, PA tap water has an ORP of +250 and a pH of 7.7. While attempting to ionize the water and finding a cleaner product to start with I picked a bottled water that I drink all the time. It has an ORP of +220 and a pH of 7.7. That’s pretty much the same as tap water, meaning they have the same effect on your body (one . . . → Read More: I drink my water out of a mason jar

It would be great to know

what I had to do today in order to complete the race in 10 hours. If I wanted to complete the swim portion in 1 hour, the bike portion in 6 hours and run portion in 3 hours, what would I have to do the day before that to get ready? What would I have to do the month before? two months before? and so on to today. What would I have to do today? I guess that comes with experince, but how great would that be to know?

I would make sure I do that thing, that day. Since I . . . → Read More: It would be great to know

I’ll see you tomorrow

Keeping momentum, enthusiasm, and accountability are tough no matter how much you want to do something. Distractions in life (life in general) often pull us off course. I’m not sure if you are supposed to hold your head high and continue on your path or put your head down and trudge through it…Either way the lesson is to keep going and accomplish your goal.

All that stuff is good in theory, but how do you do it? Well, it’s different for everyone. I simply tell the lifeguard as I leave: “I’ll see you tomorrow”

It’s a giant math problem

I was tracking my progress and extrapolating a time it would ultimately take me to finish a swim of 2.4 miles. All it really is, is a giant math problem. So here is where I’m at: it takes me 12 strokes to get across 25 yards in 30 seconds. I breathe every two stokes. 2.4 miles is 4,224 yards or 168.96 times across the 25 yard pool. Each stroke I travel about 2 yards. If I could keep that pace for the length of the race, I would have a total of 2,027.52 strokes, 1,013.76 breaths (or one every . . . → Read More: It’s a giant math problem

To which I responded… Don’t tempt me.

Taking a break from the water for a day, I decided to check out the gym equipment. I really wanted to get on a stationary bike to get to know the sensation of pedaling. Over the next 8 months I think I’ll be doing a lot of it, so I might as well get started. These bikes have come a long way and have TV’s built in. I don’t have a TV at home, so that was …..treat? I probably looked like I was in my own world, like a bum looking for a cigarette, so one of the . . . → Read More: To which I responded… Don’t tempt me.


I found that I was telling myself to relax while swimming today (on the exhale of course). Because I don’t breathe properly in the water yet and pop straight up for air, my upper back and neck were hurting this weekend. I couldn’t figure out why until I looked up in the air. My ‘technique’ for breathing is like laying on your stomach and picking your face off the ground to see who’s in front of you. That’s OK once in a while, but think about doing that for every breath for 4 1/2 hours. You’d think my neck . . . → Read More: Ouch

That’s a good sign

It’s Sunday night about 8pm. It was a long shorter day because of daylight saving time and I can’t wait to get up at 5 am to go swimming! It’s tough to keep motivated, focused and energetic all the time. But by learning a new skill and keeping my workouts from being boring, I found that it doesn’t matter what the long term goal is, each workout is an independent event and my job is to make it the best event I possibly can. Hopefully in 3 months, these current workouts will seem simple in comparison. I know if I . . . → Read More: That’s a good sign

There’s no emersion without immersion

To be good, really good, at anything, you need to be totally immersed in that thing. Then, and only then, will you emerge to be the person you want to be.

It doesn’t matter

what language you speak, it only matters which one you listen to.

There is a guy that works at the community center that has been there every day at 5:30 am. He has no idea who I am, we never met before Monday, but he has more encouraging things to say on my way past him after, ahem …. swimming, than people I’ve known for years. He’s just being nice and probably says nice things to everyone he sees, but I look it as a message just for me. I want to be really good at whatever I choose to . . . → Read More: It doesn’t matter