Bike Shopping

My First Experience ….. With a Bike Shop

Before I knew I was officially going to race in the ironman triathlon I went to a bike shop to see what I was going to have to get if I got in. It was like walking into a different world. I’ve passed by bike shops before. They were on par with a D&D game store. I knew they existed, but never saw inside. I guess the thought of ‘abandon all hope for all ye who enter’ passed through my mind. Was I going to be sucked in, addicted and attending . . . → Read More: Bike Shopping

Sunday Thoughts

What’s the hardest part of training for an ironman triathlon?  I’ll let you know in a few months. In the mean time, I’m going to attempt to tackle an aspect that is seemingly easy. So easy in fact that I often find myself being distracted and promising myself that I’ll do it later. After all, it’s easy, I can do it anytime.  As I get older, I realize the seemingly easiest things are often harder to do consistently. We force ourselves to workout, we’re conscious about our diet but our minds have minds of their own, especially when . . . → Read More: Sunday Thoughts