What are you thinking,

what do you eat, and what’s a burpee?  There is a lot of information about triathlon training, but not much out there about starting from ground zero. I’m adding a page about the philosophy I’m going to follow for nutrition, exercise and my psychology throughout this year. Some aspects I will not compromise, and some will change. Overall, I’m choosing a path and following it to the end. So…. what am I thinking?  Tonight is a good night to make my legs as tired as I possibly can, eat lots of veggies and link up as many positive emotions I can about taking this journey.

2 comments to What are you thinking,

  • Andrew

    I’m looking forward to seeing how you train because I’m just getting into tris too. It’s tough finding info for beginners that isn’t too overwelming .

    • admin-tom

      Andrew, just knowing I am not the only one out there trying this gives me motivation to improve even more. Thanks for checking in, and keep going!