Duathlon Thursday,

until 6 pm. My typical TH TH was cut short today. We had customers coming in early and I had to help handle them. In any event. I swam (really well, I might add) for a mile. I concentrated on making as little a splash as possible and felt as if I was just gliding through the water. I’m so glad I went to the pool yesterday and practiced. I tried to use the same thought process (and physical process of course) as I did yesterday. I did move slowly. My actual swim time was around 45 minutes, but I felt comfortable in the water.

I jogged for 6 miles today and didn’t feel tired at all. I stopped myself from going further because of the ‘long’ jog I want to do on Saturday. I have had a tendency in the past to overdo it and am happy that 1) I can stop myself 2)  I can stop myself. The first reason (above) is that I am learning to control my body instead of it controlling me. The second reason (above) means I am fit enough to keep going but don’t have to. So whichever reason I choose to accept today, I’m happy about it.

My 24 mile bike ride is going to happen right after work today. A bike ride delayed is not a bike ride denied.

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