Don’t even feel like swimming

This is what went through my head today during my swimming practice:

keep your head level and your neck relaxed

picture a laser beam shooting up your spine and out the top of your head keeping you in a straight line

picture two tracks that extend from your shoulders that your hands will glide on

keep one hand above your head at all times

as your hand enters the water, reach as far above you as you can, straight from your shoulder

hit the same exact point with your hand every time it goes in the water

get on the track where that hand is by rotating your body to that side just before your elbow becomes straight

move the hand that was already in the water straight back to your hip in order to get it out of the water behind you and forcing your body on the track of the other arm

flutter kick quickly to get your feet behind your body

do the whole process very slowly

notice how your left arm doesn’t always cooperate

practice keeping your left arm stretched out above your head and rotate to breathe without moving your left arm

continue laying on your left side until you realize you won’t sink if you leave your hand there

as you put your right arm into the water on the track, just before your elbow is completely straight, be conscious of making sure your left hand doesn’t drop too soon or pull out to your side throwing you off balance

relax and notice the feeling of the water as you pass through it

look at the hash marks on the pool bottom and notice how quickly you move past them even when you are moving your arms slowly

try to swim as slowly as you can

attempt to make as few bubbles and splashes as possible

notice how there are very few if any bubbles from your hands entering the water

notice how your feet don’t break the surface of the water to create a splash

relax into the rocking motion from side to side as if you were roller skating to a slow 80′s song

breathe every third stroke, breathe fully from the stomach

reach as far above you as you can on each track, making yourself as tall as possible

notice how it feels like you’re not even using your muscles

be hypnotized by the rhythm


notice how you don’t even feel like you’re swimming

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