On Saturday afternoon, It took me 49 minutes (stopping at every intersection because of traffic) to get to the pool that normally takes me 15 minutes. I was getting anxious and my energy level was slowly waning. I pulled into the packed parking lot, found a space, then thought about driving back home. Being in the car that long on a trip that I was anticipating being much shorter made me not want to workout.  I knew if I drove home, it would probably take me just as long as it did coming. The ONLY reason I was driving there in the first place was to get more comfortable in the water and swim farther than I ever have before. I sat there for a minute, reminded myself of that fact, then got out of the car.

I’m glad I made that decision. I ended up swimming 50 lengths. That’s the most I’ve ever done at one time. I practiced breathing and relaxing (neither of which a stressful ride home would have accomplished).

I made the decision to go for this goal, sometimes I have to take my emotions out of it and tell myself I have no choice. The decision has been made, now just keep moving in that direction. I’m powerless to it, I just have to get my body there, and stop thinking too much.

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