It’s really difficult

I know what I want to eat and what I want to avoid. But it’s nearly impossible to eat the way I want to on a daily basis. There are probably 100 places to eat lunch in the surrounding area, and everyday I struggle with finding something that 1) appeals to me 2) is cost effective 3) isn’t damaging to me. I know I have to compromise one or two of these things, but really don’t want to. That may be OK for some people, but not me. I can’t just throw my hands up and say, oh well that’s just the way it is. We’re living in a time with so much information and our food suppliers don’t really care what’s ‘good for you’, it’s what’s good for them.

I think that a majority of our ailments and skin disorders are directly related to what we do to ourselves. Our bodies can only deal with things we feed it; through food, breathing or through our pores. If it didn’t have a profound effect on us, why is it not advisable to eat tuna from the coast of Japan, smoke cigarettes or touch most chemicals without gloves on?  My body is asked to process pretty much anything I give it. If I fed it dog food, it would do it’s best to try to take nutrients from it.  It wouldn’t be very successful, but it would try. Our food choices are the nutrient equivalent of dog food. That sounded pretty extreme. Granted it looks and smells soooo much better, but my body is not too successful taking nutrients from it.

We shouldn’t need to take a multivitamin everyday. We should get that from the food we eat (we eat enough of it!).Isn’t it strange not to get enough vitamin B6, for instance, from the enormous amount of food we eat? Since our diets are not very good, doctors recommend taking a B complex supplement. By why stop at that vitamin? I don’t even know how many there are, but can almost guarantee that we’re not get enough of most of them. I’m sure it’s recommended to take a supplement  of pretty much every one out there.

Maybe a good idea is to take multiple pills with the right vitamins and minerals, a protein shake, then eat whatever I want. All of a sudden, it became really simple!

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