that’s the best part

Last night I ran for 4 miles. I don’t think I ever run fast, but last night I tried to run slowly (you know, jog). 

Knee brace: check.

Ankle brace: check.

Walkman set to Awesome Mix 7: check

Wrists and forehead sweatbands: check

Knee high socks: check

My favorite ”yea, I jog” t-shirt: check 

While jogging (which I love to do, especially on cold days when I can wear my jogging suit) I tried to concentrate on landing solidly directly below my body. Though my concentration only lasts for a few steps at a time until I’m distracted by 1000 other thoughts going through my head (like “I bet I could wear my velour jogging suit to go jogging, take off my forehead sweatband after, then go to a fancy restaurant for dinner without changing, it’s that nice).

The neat thing is when I concentrated on landing properly, I actually did land properly and felt lighter. I guess I have to practice running that way so eventually I don’t have to practice.

The best part of the night, besides being able to jog, was that I had and still have no pain. Now off to the fancy restaurant.

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