We’ll see

It’s been a week since my mistake of running without braces. The swelling is down and I have no more constant pain.  Now, one more day and I’ll attempt to run again (with braces this time). We’ll see.

With 6 months of training left, I really need to get on the road. My biggest obstacle last year was having enough in my tank for the marathon. I didn’t train enough for the run (that was obvious to me). As it turned out, it was my least favorite of the three during training. Learning to swim and going fast on a bike trumped the feeling of running for me (plus it was the hardest). This year, I want to regain that feeling I had as a 7 year old kid: running for fun, because it was fun.  That memory has me wanting to run right now. That thought will hopefully continue for the blink of the next six months, but….we’ll see.

I already signed up as a volunteer at the Lake Placid event in July. That means the following morning I’ll be in line at 6:30 am to sign up for Lake Placid Ironman 2013. That means next year, I’ll do two Ironman events in one year…. we’ll see.

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