some things you get

to buy, some things you get to do.

I’ve bought things. Most of which, I’m ready to give back if I haven’t already. The things I got to do, however….. I wouldn’t  want to ever give back even if I could.

I’m not an adventurer, thrill seeker, or someone who normally enjoys risky activities, nor do I just try things just so I can say I did. The things I get to do, for the most part, are pretty mundane. I really don’t get to do a whole lot. In fact, I’m starting to get depressed typing this….

Actually, I’m really not referring to the ‘fun’ things at all. I have the mobility that some would pay a fortune to have.  My daily hours are filled with freedom that some only dream of. My conversations and interactions are unique everyday. OK, I’m starting to feel better.

In the past, I’d would have thought differently about possessions vs actions, and I’m glad I’m not living in the past. No matter the stress or smiles, trash or gifts that come with life, nothing takes place of the memory of them. The best part is, I got to live through it and somehow survived (without being too delusional or bitter). Though I could never will the intangibles to anyone, I find them most valuable of all.

What’s this have to do with Ironman? Tell me how it doesn’t.

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