The obsession takes root

I got my new sneaks (neon blue Newton running shoes with red laces (apparently crazy colors are all the rage this year)), my bike is semi-tuned, and my internal clock wakes me at 5 am every day. I’m excited about two-a-day workouts (even if the second one is just a short jog around the block), and checking out every YouTube video that has to do with Ironman Arizona 2011, 2012, Ironman Lake Placid 2012 (to see if I could spot myself on the sidelines somewhere (haven’t found Waldo yet either)), and Ironman World Championships Kona (though if these videos were records I would have worn out the grooves by now (thank goodness for new technology)) is my daily morning ritual. As if that weren’t enough, my food limitations (reservations (er, desires)) have started to be defined and my water intake tops over a gallon a day. Less than a month from now, all this will become even more intense….

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