keeping tradition

My unmotivated week turned in a quality triaTHlon THursday. Today was the first day in the water in a week. My 1/2 mile took a little longer than usual (probably because it was so refreshing I didn’t want it to end (I should have done that last)). My 3 mile jog made up some of the ‘lost’ time in the water (as if the time really matters). I got back to the car and was so happy I had my towel from swimming. The sweat pouring off of me made me feel like I just got out of the pool again. I found the breeze on the bike today. The trick is you have to go fast to find it. Overall it was a fantastic TH(squared).

Even though it’s the hottest day of the year so far, I got home from work and had the energy to do all three events again. Gotta love traditions.

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