Where are we?

If you are inside today…….GO OUTSIDE! Take a walk at lunch, leave work early, or just play hookey. This morning was the nicest triaTHlon THursday ever. Today I switched up and did the events in the correct order: swim, bike, run. I wanted to know the feeling of having ridden a bike for 40 minutes and hop off and run for 25 minutes. Of course I didn’t pace myself on the bike and just pedaled like a madman. My new sprocket size (52 teeth) allows me to go a bit faster and my average for the 12 miles has always been over 17 mph since I put them on. I used a lot of energy on the bike (especially the last 1/2 mile), but as soon as I got off of it, I was ready to run. I put my knee brace on, took a sip of water and started booking up the street like I was running from a rabid skunk (all except for the screaming like a little girl part). My average speed for the three miles was 8:30/ mile. My mental block has moved up a mile and now feel like walking around the two mile mark (I didn’t though, after all, it’s triaTHlon THursday, we don’t do that on such a special day).

Oh yea, in case you missed the first sentence…….GO OUTSIDE!

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