running shoes

When did sneakers become running shoes? Is it more sporty to have such a name tag? I jog more than run, but couldn’t find any jogging shoes, so I had to settle for running shoes (sneakers for those who don’t run, jog or even shuffle).  My running shoe of choice is Air Jordan (do they even make them anymore?) actually it’s Asics and I found a pair at DSW. A few discounts later and I strutted out of the store showing off my new sneaks, er I mean running shoes.

A few years ago, when I discovered a running shoe store in Arizona, they suggested they type of sneaker, DAMN, running shoe, to get based upon the way I run. To help me understand the differences in the r s, they had me try on a pair of r s that had normal support for my arch, like the pair of SNEAKERS I had on going into the store. My sneakers were of course worn out and my feet hurt after I ran a few blocks. The pair they handed me felt good on my feet, but after I took a jogging lap around the shopping center, they too hurt my feet. Their explanation was that I needed more support for my arch. The next pair of, a hem, running shoes, had denser rubber on the section of the shoe below my arch as indicated by the different color rubber. ———->

Some people who obviously don’t know running shoes like I do, think that the different color rubber is a shoe design. Though attractive I must say, that design actually has a function. Next time you see me, ask me if you can poke my sneaker to feel the difference in rubber from the traditional white to the eye catching silver.

Anyway, I used these sneakers with the denser rubber at the arch and my feet never hurt me. Yea, I just called them sneakers. I can’t bring myself to call them running shoes just yet. Maybe in a few months when I start running consistently for longer periods and I adopt the lingo and look of the sport…. I already have my Oakleys picked out ( I mean running glasses).

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