dominos delivers

stomach upset at 2 am. I guess I’ve been eating pretty good lately and went a little crazy last night and ordered pizza from Dominos. It was quick, cheap, tasty, and satisfied my laziness. It was so tasty in fact that I ate a whole pizza. I think I opened the box a number of times afterwards too, hoping to find another piece. I’ve been known to pound the pizza in the past, but have been satisfied with the alternatives recently.

Everything was fine, I finished watching the last of three episodes of Modern Family on the computer and headed to bed. It was a bit earlier than normal, but I was tired. A few hours later, out of nowhere I heard a rumble. It sounded like someone was caught in a well and yelling for help. Then I heard it again, lo and behold it was my own stomach. I couldn’t remember throwing it in a well, but I have some crazy dreams sometimes. I tried petting it. I tried talking to it. But it decided those weren’t good solutions and started punching me from the inside. This in lunacy went on for a few hours.

I wonder if I’ll ever get a good night sleep. I was so ready for one last night until the Domino Noid jumped into my stomach. Actually I can’t blame it all on Domino’s. Some of the blame has to go to Tony’s Pizza City which was CLOSED last night!

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