super buoyant hydrodynamic shower cap

I’ve had a swimming cap since I started swimming in April but just used it for the first time (and every time since) last week. I thought it was supposed to protect your hair, like a shower cap, but a shower cap that wouldn’t fall off easily. It does that job well and hasn’t fallen off and my hair no longer feels straw like after swimming.

But wait there’s more.  Not only does it protect my hair, it also makes me more hydrodynamic. Supposedly it I shaved my head bald, not only would I look funny, but I’d be able to cut through the water with less ‘drag’. That’s why most people who compete in triathlons shave all their body hair. Me, I won’t be doing that. Partly because I was teased too much as a kid, and don’t want to go through that as an adult. And partly because the ‘drag’ at my level of competition is a ridiculous thing to be concerned with (and it will only help me when the wind is at my back).

Lastly, yep there’s even more. If you call right now, we’ll throw in a second bottle at no cost (a $19.95 value)! Sorry, somehow I channeled Billy Mays. Seriously, this one is huge. When you have the hydrodynamic shower cap (swim cap) on, it’s nearly impossible to keep your head below water. I discovered the amazing buoyant properties of the cap when I floated on my back. It was almost as if I was resting my head on a pillow on the surface of the water. My face was completely out of the water, even if I tried to force the back of my head down, it would pop back up. I love this! The problem I’m running into is I had to ‘relearn’ my stroke because the cap keeps my head right at the surface of the water and I must have been swimming below the surface before.

I went to the pool today to test a few new mental techniques and to make up for the time I skipped during the week. With my super buoyant, hydrodynamic shower cap in hand (eventually on head). I’m so glad I went. It’s the time I spend now that will make it easier for me in November.

2 comments to super buoyant hydrodynamic shower cap

  • Steven Carey

    do you have to slick your hair back to put it on?

    • admin-tom

      No. I don’t have to slick my hair back. I’m supposing if my hair was longer I may have to, but it fits right over my head/hair easily. I was thinking about getting a skin colored one so I can use it on Halloween as well.

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