It’s the weekend!

I never really looked forward to the weekend before. They were just two of the ordinary days of the week. Most of my days seem to run together and often I have to consult my phone to find out what day it is. Since I started training and doing triaTHlon THursday, I have become more aware of what day it is and now can’t wait for Saturday to come around. Saturday is 70.3 day (1/2 ironman day). I can’t wait to wake up way before the sun, have something to eat, then hit the road (path) on my bike. I don’t have a distance in mind for tomorrow yet, but I know I want to hit at least 60 miles, then get off to run for a while. The pool is a short drive and a much needed refreshing break when I swim to round out my TH SA.

I’m really excited to get moving tomorrow and can’t wait to see how I feel afterward.

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