2 more months left!

September 20, 2011: I have 2 months to the ironman, but just about a month of buid-up training to go. I can’t continually build up distances in November and have to take at least a week or two before it to ease off a bit. That’s the theory anyway. I don’t know how I’m going to build up those distances in such a short period. The furthest I’ve swam was 1 mile. The furthest I’ve biked was 112 miles and the furthest I’ve run was 15 miles. Even if I could do all my furthests in one day and I’m still short by a long shot. I’ve done half the required distances in one day, but trying to do the full amount is going to be a real challenge and I only have 2 more months left!

My neighbor asked how my training was going and I told him it was going well. He then said most people only do an 8-9 month training for an ironman, and asked why it’s taking me a year for my training. To which I responded, “it didn’t take me a year….. it took me 40 years”. And now, I only have 2 months left!

I’m sweating more than I ever have, eating better than I ever have, drinking more water than I ever have (probably goes with the first one), seeing the sun rise more than I ever have, running, swimming and biking mtIeh, sleeping better tIeh, writing mtIeh, sharing mtIeh, learing mtIeh, listening mtIeh, and am more excited tIeh been about doing something. But now I only have 2 more months left!

Two (2) more months of waking up at 4:43am everyday, 2 more months of counting my exercise totals, 2 more months of trying to be healthy, 2 more months of writing, 2 more months of wondering, 2 more months of anticipation, 2 more months of an excuse not to be able to do something else. Two (2) more months, I only have 2 more months left!

What’s it going to be like to finish this year long (40 year long) journey? I’ll let you know soon, because I only have 2 more months left!

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