I couldn’t run 7 miles if my life depended on it

I don’t think I ever said that, but I’m sure a believed it. After high school, my athletic days quickly went away. It wasn’t till 15 years after high school that I started becoming active again. I wasn’t a slouch, but I didn’t do much by way of being physical. I worked too much to have time for anything like that.

It came to a point that I realized (started to, anyway), that I (a) miss feeling fit, (b) saw that as people got older they couldn’t do the same things as they could when they were younger, (c) became part of group b, (d) just accepted “that’s just what happens when you get older”, (e) everyday, something different hurt on my body (f) needed to change something.

In any event, on Saturday morning I decided to do (f) again and ran 7.5 miles without a rabid animal, bear, creditor, or knife wielding maniac chasing me. I did it and felt good the whole time. I stopped wearing my earphones the other day and enjoy running (jogging) better without them. I could actually hear the sounds of nature and my breath. My visualization was clearer and the thoughts came from my own head, not from Linkin Park.

As I was running (jogging), It occurred to me that (e) doesn’t happen to me anymore. It’s a combination of exercise, eating better and striving for the person I want to eventually become and not (d). How I feel today (yesterday, tonight and into the foreseeable future) makes me realize that if I stop everything I’m doing right now, I will (a).

When I started this Ironman journey, I had no idea how or what to do and when to do it. I could not swim at all. I hadn’t been on a bike since I was 12 and my only running experience was training for 3 months for a marathon. It is so true, that (b), but it didn’t matter because I never did those things when I was younger either, so what difference does it make? But if I could, I’m determined not to (c).

Yea, there was a point when I couldn’t run 7 miles if my life depended on it…… Now I realize, (g) my life does depend on it!

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