It’s only 4.5 mile to the office(comma) 11 miles to Center City Philly(comma) 6 miles to Valley Forge(comma) 11 miles to Phoenixville(comma) and Conshohocken is only one square mile. None of these distances are very far considering how big the world is(comma) and all of the distances can be covered without use of a motorized vehicle if you had to (you know(comma) if you’re life depended on it). I never walked or jogged to Phoenixville or Center City Philly(comma) but I did ride my bike there. In fact I rode my bike there (both places) today(comma) and I’m still awake to write about it.

The neat thing about the ride today(comma) even though every ride has something neat(comma) was that there is now a (,) where there was once only three digits. Let me explain, I’ve been tracking the number of miles I’ve been on my bike since I got it a few short (and very fast) months ago(comma) and with today’s ride(comma) added to the rest of the miles already ridden (spell check didn’t change it(comma) so I guess that’s the appropriate word)(comma) I now have a(,) (<—- not that one) in the total number of miles traveled!

That number is 1(comma)007!

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