Theorist vs experimentalist

The theorist thinks up the theory and the experimentalist attempts different ways to  prove or disprove those theories. Typically these are two different people.

I’m a theorist in my mind and an experimentalist in my body. That’s a little south of being bi-polar but just north of being in building 51 of Norristown State Hospital.

In theory, all you have to do is eat right, think right and exercise right and you can complete an ironman, so says my brain. That’s an excellent idea, let me figure out what eating right, thinking right and exercising right would entail, said my body. Also in theory, you will have a more balanced life because you are doing those three things well. Each helping the other area of life and supporting the other two, like sides on a triangle. Your body will be able to do things more efficiently or effectively (depending on who is reading this). Your mind will be more clear and your internal organs will last a lot longer, so the theorist goes on.

Off to work the experimentalist goes, trying different foods, attempting different meditations, and moving his body like never before. Each area of this triangle either becoming stronger or weaker because of the experiments. The experimentalist doesn’t care what the outcome is, there is no favor for one or the other. He just experiments away.

Once all the available data is compiled, the theorist creates more, um theories. It’s a never ending cycle, kind of like government work. That’s probably why I don’t argue with myself anymore. My body listens to my brain and my brain gets feedback from my bodily experiments, or because I’m starting to eat right, think right and exercise right…..but that’s just a theory.

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