I couldn’t control myself

Every Wednesday morning to kick off the auction, Manheim gives out free soft pretzels. As soon as the poor little old man brings them out, there are hundreds of auto dealers all over him. They’re good, but you should see the craziness. I’m going to record the frenzy next week. It’s like sharks going after chum. The funny thing is they always have left over pretzels so I never understood why everyone wanted the first ones in the first box, but I got mine!

After eating it quickly I thought “man they seem thin today, I’m going to grab another one”. I strolled back over to the box, grabbed one, and I didn’t even have to throw an elbow to get it this time…..chomp chomp chomp. Ya, know Tom, these are thinner than usual! Let me go see if there are any left, I thought….Lo and behold there were! Don’t Mind If I Do!…..chomp chomp chomp.

I’m embarrassed to admit, but I walked back to the box after scarfing down the third one. I turned my hat around so I wouldn’t be recognized this time. I looked in the box as if I was surprised that someone brought pretzels today. “Oh, that’s nice, are these free?” I asked the man. He looked at me and then put his head down. His disgust with me didn’t matter too much, because I just scored my fourth pretzel!

My personal victory wasn’t one I was proud of. It’s certainly not the kind of food I want to eat (especially not for breakfast). But today I just couldn’t control myself. I just hope the rest of the day doesn’t present itself with such (delicious) obstacles.

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