Bring on the heat

Today was by far the hottest triaTHlon THursday ever. I should have done the swimming last, but I didn’t. After I got out of the pool, the lifeguard asked me if I was going to run today. Part of the loop around the center passes the pool. I looked at him and gave him a Steve joke “I am, so dial 91 and if/when you see me collapse, dial the other 1″. I dried off for some reason and put on my sneakers (running shoes). As soon as I got outside I wondered why I had dried off in the first place. It would have cooled me off a bit, but then again my shirt was completely soaked at the end, it probably would have weighed me down. The jog wasn’t so bad though. I did 3.5 miles and I felt pretty good. The bike ride was the fastest so far. I averaged 18.8 mph for 12 miles. So it seems the heat didn’t slow me down much. Now I’m kind of hoping that it’s hot in November in Arizona.

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