Drink more water

I read that our kidneys can only process about 1/4 gallon of liquid an hour. That’s one 16.9 oz bottle of water every half hour. My goal for this week, starting yesterday, is to drink as much water as my body can handle. So, pretty much I’m drinking a 24 bottle case of water a day. At Bottom Dollar, the case only costs $1.99 this week. I heard that when it’s really hot outside you have to drink more water anyway. So given the fact that it will be near 100 degrees all week, it seems like a perfect time to experiment.

The reason I want to drink so much water is to see what effect it has on my body/ performance/ overall mentality. The more hydrated your cells are, the less likely they will break down. Fourty bottles into it, I feel pretty good (that summed it up, didn’t it?). If you see me this week and it looks like I gained weight, it’s just water weight.

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