Frankie Says Relax

Besides being one of the coolest slogans of the 80′s, it’s also applicable today. The first time I jumped out of a plane, I was so tense, I had my hands in a fist trying to stop myself from falling. The instructor on my back must have noticed because he put his hand in front of my face and shook it as if to tell me to loosen up. I did just that, and the rest of the way down was very enjoyable. I actually noticed how green New Jersey is and was amazed to be able to see both the Atlantic City and Philadelphia sky lines. That was a fun day (even though it only took 3 minutes). From that time on, every time I jumped, the one thing that stuck in my head was to relax.

I found a martial art that uses the attacker’s force and body weight against them. I got addicted to learning as much as I could about that too. I went for 5 months straight, without missing one single day. I bet you’ll never guess what a key component to being able to flip an attacker effortlessly is…..

In the water, you are tiny and practically weightless. When I’m swimming, one of the thoughts I have running through my head is to relax. I’m not strong enough nor cocky enough (yet) to think that I can move the water (I’ll leave that to my water bending brother, Steve), by relaxing I’m able to use the water’s properties and effects on my body to move through it. 

For some reason, on the bike, I grip the handlebars tightly. Whenever I notice, I’m quick to remember to ease up. My whole body doesn’t have to be actively moving the bike, just the big muscles in my legs do. You’d be amazed to know that 30 miles on a bike can be a relaxing and enjoyable ride.

Now for the running portion of the show…. I went out for today’s TH TH run and told myself to RELAX. Yep, you guessed it. I didn’t close my eyes, but my body was loose. I ran 3 1/2 eight minute miles. That’s one whole minute per mile faster than I’ve been going recently.

Given the fact that I seem to do better mentally and physically when I relax, I have to make that part of me so I don’t even have to think about it….Starting…..Now.

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