You can’t imagine!

At 4 pm the delivery came! I was expecting it about an hour before, and that last hour went so slowly. I began to prepare myself to forget about today and hope for the next day delivery, but that all changed when the big brown truck pulled up. From that point on, it was like slow motion. The delivery guy sleepily walked out of the truck with a box. A box that had crossed the country five times. The taped edges showing the wear of excited attempts to open it to reveal the contents. The only difference with this cross country tour is that the box is staying put in PA for good. The long distance frequent flying box had finally reached it’s final destination and is being retired. No more torn edges, no more ripped flaps, and no more tape to make it appear and act like a box. In fact, I’m going to dismantle it so it can’t even attempt to make another trip. As the driver slowly put the box down on the desk, I didn’t take my eye off of it as I signed his hand held off to the right and in the corner of my eye. Thhhhhaaaannnnkkkk Yooooouuuu (in a slow deep voice (almost ghost like (just in time for Halloween))), I said as I grabbed a pair of scissors with my free left hand. My eyes widened as the scissors got close…..

The long awaited contents of the box were held in even more high regard because of the timing of it. With less than 20 days to go and only 10 bike training days left, the final piece of the puzzle is complete.

You can’t imagine: the excitement of receiving the box, the jubilation on the ride home with it in my car, the anticipation of securing it, the wondering if it will actually work, the thrill of tightening the last bit, and the adrenaline of  finally using it as I dreamed it would be a few months ago.

Maybe it’s nothing, but maybe it’s everything. Can you imagine it?

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