t-2 weeks

As the countdown progresses quickly toward 11202011, my workout schedule is slowing down equally as much. My long ride this weekend was only 50 miles. How crazy did that sound?! Only 50 miles! I remember not too long ago, I did my first 50 mile ride and I thought was not going to make it through the night (I did though). Luckily I didn’t feel like that this weekend.

After my last long run (13 miles) on Wednesday, I got home and felt really good. I said to myself “Self, you are ready for this”. I really think I am. On Thursday, a customer asked how my training was going, and I said to him “Self, I’m ready for this”. (I didn’t call him self though, it’s pronounced See – Lef, I think he’s Indian). Anyway, no more long runs until that day in the sun.

I took off from swimming this week, no particular reason, I just did. I didn’t want to detract from my recent confidence in the water. Swimming will be by far the most intimidating, what I am most nervous about and the part that I can’t wait to do. I already know I can ride a bike, I know I can walk (run), I’m confident about swimming, but an event with 2000+ other people in the pool with me, that’s another story.

I’m spending the final two weeks keeping active, doing as many core exercises as I can, and mentally reviewing the course over and over. By the time I hit publish, I’ll have completed my first ever Ironman….. in less than 2 weeks.

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