what is clean anyway?

My room is mess. I’m messy sometimes; clothes are everywhere. Who knows if the clean clothes ones are mixed with the dirty ones. I forgot which piles were which. I have about 1000 non matching socks all over the floor and don’t really care if they match when I put them on. Does anyone really care? They’re only socks after all. I have half empty dog treat boxes (or half full if you’re a dog) on the window sill, empty water bottles everywhere and paperwork is in it’s own “pile”. I’m lazy, I’m mentally spent, but I’m as sharp as I’ve ever been.

I have people in my life (customers/ friends/ family) that are complete disasters. I can only imagine what their ‘rooms’ look like.  We’re all a mess, we all have vices and we all crack up at some point. It doesn’t matter where you come from or where you are going. It shouldn’t matter to my neighbors if I like certain things, just as I don’t care what they do. It’s all whisper down the lane anyway. At some point something isn’t working the way you thought it should. Some people revert back to childhood and hide. Some act out and do crazy things. Others pretend nothing is wrong. There are many variations in between. I signed up to do an ironman.

Reality is only between our own ears. That’s the place I (we) need to focus on. My reality for the next few months is focusing on me and completing a goal. It’s not about swimming, running or biking, it’s about cleaning my ‘room’ somewhere along the way. Cleaning it without prompt, without reason, and doing it only for me.  I’m sure I’ll still have 1000 non matching socks (I kind of like that). The best part is…. if this doesn’t clean it, I’m going to keep searching for what does, until I can’t. I’ll never give up.

Who’s definition of clean is right anyway?

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